Ministries Red Sea Supports:


C4 Concerned Clergy Cherokee County

Following the church shooting in North Carolina a group of pastors began to gather and pray for unity for Cherokee County.  God began to move and people gathered for months until a leader rose up from within the group.  Today C4 is lead by pastors Mike and Romanzia Saunders.  Multi-racial and many denominations worship together in the Power in Unity,  the fifth Sunday of the month in various locations.  This summer 3,500 gathered and worshiped at the Northside Ampitheater, Woodstock, Ga.  Follow on Facebook: Concerned Clergy Cherokee County Georgia


Faith Comes By Hearing

The audio bible in the mother language for over 2,000 people groups

Bible Sticks for our soldiers

Solar Proclaimers used in villages and prisions


One of many PROVISIONS

The Advisory Council had budgeted 5,000.00 for marketing the launch of Red Sea. Within a few weeks we received a check for 6,000.00+ from an out of state prayer partner who had been blessed with an annual bonus.

John Maxwell says it this way...."Until I'm committed there is a hesitancy a chance to draw back but once I commit God begins to move and a whole chain of events begin to erupt, all manner of unforeseen evidents, people and material assistance begins to flow my way once I definately commit." 


The Power of One..."I am only one but I am one.  I can't do everyting but I can do something.  The something I ought to do, I can do.  And by the grace of God, I will!"  Edward Everett Hale


One and Only ONE GOD GOES BEFORE US....Jehovah Jireh...our God Provider

One Prayer

One person says, "Ill send out an email to our contact list"

One email

One phone call

One person connects to a church

One willing heart says "yes"

One more phone call

One pick up

One delivery

One keyboard to RED SEA for FREE!


There are many ONE peoples, ONE churches, ONE friends who would have a heart for a church plant

ONE just needs to ask!

Thank you "ONEs who made this happen!!

Watching God provide is a fun place to be!