Glad you opened the website of Red Sea Ministries


                                             Why Red Sea?


What significance does the name have?


Throughout the Bible God was providing deliverance plans. In the Old Testment one of the most noted deliverances; God parted the sea for His people. In the New Testiment He parted a "sea of people" with the cross, the religious from Christ followers.

Today He continues to deliver His people, those who choose to follow. We are a church who believes in the power of God that can bring about not only deliverance but transformation within an individual which will transform a family; which will transform whole communities.





Worship Service Sundays at 10:00 A.M.

Waleska Fire Station Community Room

While our next facility is being prepared we will be meeting at the Community Center - by the Waleska Fire Station .02 miles SW of Waleska.

9081 Fincher Rd.
Waleska, Ga 30183




As you continue to open each tab you will find the site to be simply informational. Since Red Sea's first service in September 2010 we have had a vision for an interactive site.God continues to draw gifts and talents to Red Sea in His timing.


We Live In Anticipation Of His Provisions For All Areas Of Ministry